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Present energy + Guidance

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This is a fun way to connect with yourself and see what advice the Universe wants to give you. For this reading I just need your full name and full birthday, no questions needed! I use my Color Cards I created + Tarot Cards created by Chris Anne. Total of 2 cards and a Word Document with typed up advice.


Card 1: Color Guidance/Emotions/Energy in your Aura/Energy Coming Forward

#12 Card Guidance: Yellows and oranges are surrounding you at this time. A big shift in your perception is changing. You are seeing the joy in life. You are appreciative of everything you have. You are not taking any moments for granted. You cherish every minute you get. You are welcoming adventures and possibilities into your life. You are ready to expand. You are ready for more. You are ready to understand new views. You have travel coming up soon. You are creative with your mind and your words. You are fun to be around. You brighten up the party. You light up the room and everyone around you. Your energy is extremely inviting right now. 

More Meanings: Positivity. Encouragement. Fun. Enjoyment. Expansion.

The affirmation that will keep this amazing energy is “Life is full of joy and adventure”

Card 2: Guidance/Words of Wisdom

Empress: It is time to open up your heart to all of the possibilities. You have done the work needed to heal from the past and you are ready to light your heart up. Are you interested in Astrology or learning more about Astrology? The planets are really sticking out to me in this photo. You are exploring the possibilities. You understand life is your gift. At this time it is really important to set your intentions and your goals high. Your soul is ready to create. Create happiness, abundance, and peace. The Universe is listening to your energy and wishes, your energy is bright and powerful right now, so use this for your advantage. You have walked through the storms, you are strong and brave. Luck is on your side, you will see sprinkles of luck very soon. Feel into your peace and allow your heart to beat. Place your hard on your heart when you feel scared and ask your heart to guide you.


Channeled Reading (podcast style)

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I am an open channel that receives clear advice, direction and insight for individuals seeking help. If you are in need of loving, positive, pure and detailed guidance then this is the perfect service for you. You may ask 2 - 4 detailed questions, detailed situations, or detailed categories.  I ask my clients to give me as much detail as possible so I understand the entire situation and then I tune into the universe and receive clear advice. When I channel it still sounds like me, I just talk really fast. Additionally, I get pictures in my third eye and I paint vivid pictures for you as well. I will pull cards if needed. There are simply no rules when I channel, I allow the universe the come forward and give the information needed for you. The recording will be 30 - 45 minutes long and filled with peaceful guidance and wisdom.