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Natal Chart Reading (podcast style)

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Do you want to understand yourself on a deeper level? Do you want to understand how the stars and planets are working in your favor, and also understand which lessons they created for you? Then this is the perfect reading for you!I will study your chart, look at all of your placements and explain all of your houses from start to finish. I explain your overall lessons and themes in this lifetime, your life purpose, your previous life, your personality placements, your shadow side, your weak spots, your strong stops and much more! I Will explain which zodiac sign is in each house, explain which planet is in each house, and explain strong placements as well. 

After I read my Natal Chart everything made sense to me. I am SO passionate about Astrology and I want others to understand how to work with their ener. I take a deep dive into your chart to help you understand all of the energy in this lifetime.