Cord Cutting + Distant Healing

This service is absolutely ideal for the busy individual that needs some self love, self care and some healing. I connect with you at a distance in the comfort of your own home for 40 minutes. During this time I ask you to relax and listen to some meditation music or sleep. While you relax I get to work and cleanse your energy from head to toe. During this session I am given detailed information from spirit and I then record everything that I saw, sensed, felt and pulled from your energy during the session. You can expect to receive a 15 - 25 recording from me explaining your session in detail. 

Here are some things that happen during the session

  • It is common your spirit guide will pop up to say hello and introduce themselves
  • I receive past life information
  • I can see all energy sources and see what area needs attention the most
  • I connect to your inner child to see what we need to release
  • I receive spiritual advice from your spirit team and I then give you the advice
  • I receive images in my third eye
  • I am able to uncover soul lessons in the life time
  • I see old and stagnant energy that needs to be removed (all darker energy such as grey, blacks and browns need to be removed)
  • I add powerful healing light to you to raise your vibration and heal 
  • I add aura colors and bright lights to your energy depending on the healing you need most
  • The healing and information you are given is promoting you to move forward

Here are the steps after your book your session

  • Once I receive payment I will reach out to within 1-3 business days (Monday - Friday as I do not work on the weekends)
  • I will confirm the time and date to see if it matches up with your schedule. 
  • I will collect information information I will need from you via email for your session

Important Notes

  • Please note, this is my most popular service and I book our 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • I conduct my healings at 8:00pm PST 

Distant Healing and Cord Cutting (1 Session)


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Distant Healing and Cord Cutting (2 Sessions $74.44 each)


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Distant collective healing

Collective healing: Aura + Energetic Field monday, june 3rd


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Do you know how important your energetic field is? It’s super important, so important that I decided to dedicate a group session once a month to clean your energetic field + aura!

Your energetic field is your steering wheel in life and it gets clogged up with other peoples thoughts, emotions and words. 

You naturally exchange energy with other individuals every single day just by having conversations. 

When your energetic field is clogged up you can feel very confused, not like yourself, or unmotivated. 

Through time and experience healing other individuals and myself, I have learned we all need to pay close attention to our energetic field as much as we can and nurture it as often as possible. 

During this Healing I will cleanse your energetic field and add new and up lifting, vibrant and angelic light alllll around your gorgeous entergetic field! I

f you're looking to feel clean and back to yourself, you won’t want to miss this monthly session! 

This session will help you stay true to yourself and honor your passions on Earth. 

Simply by dedicating one night out of your busy month will really help you stay on track, walk this Earth with Confidence and really grow into yourself organically. It’s time to pay attention to your thoughts and your wants... say goodbye to the rest!   

Reviews/Feedback from clients

"You have made a difference in my life. I will always be grateful for you."

"Casey, you have transformed my life for the better. I mean it."

"I love myself more because of you."

"Since I have met you my life has changed."

"Try it. Just do it. You will order another session. Trust."

"I wish everyone could experience your healing."

"I want to buy a session for my mother and father."

"I feel so light, free and open! Thank you! So much energy released."

"My heart space feels open, vulnerable and loving again. Thank you."

"I have noticed a positive shift in my life, so I am booking 2 more sessions."

"I want to continue working with you. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable."

"I wish I didn't have to wait 5 weeks to have another session, I understand why you are so booked"

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