Distant Healing and Cord Cutting (1 Session)


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Distant Healing and Cord Cutting (2 Sessions $74.44 each)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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All of my healing work is completed at a distance! I connect with your energy in a snap of a finger after I collect your full name and birthday. I am extremely receptive to energy so it doesn’t make a difference if you’re 5 feet away from me or 5,555 miles! Honestly, no difference! 

My healing sessions are completed at 9 PM PST. During your session I just ask you to lay down, or you might even be sleeping! While i conduct my healing I just ask that my clients simply relax without distraction. Most of my clients feel “heat” or “tingling” when I conduct the healing and cord cutting. Nothing crazy or uncomfortable, you can just feel someone else is connected to your energy- that’s me!!!!

About this healing

You can compare this to reiki, expect it is amplified! I visually see your energy and I pull out or cut what no longer serves you. During your session I get strong images in my third eye from past lives and I am able to explain how that past life is connected to this life. Life lessons pop up during this session. When I am done pulling cords and energy out I then replace those areas with new light given by the angel who works with me. This healing allows you to say goodbye to the old and start working with the new. I suggest getting 2 sessions for your first time. You may come back at any time to get another session! The more healing you can do while you live on Earth the better! 

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All Services Are Completed At a Distance

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