March  2019 Collective Group Healings

Completed as a group while your information remains private. Sign up to recieve a super discounted healing session with like minded individuals from all around the world! Let the healing begin! 


Awakening Collective Healing

Thursday, March 28 at 8:00pm - 8:40pm


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Are you aiming to grow a stronger relationship with spirit? Are you interested to awaken your third eye, your intuiton and any psychic senses? Then you won’t want to miss out on this Collective group session (completed at a distance with a group while your information stays private)! This session will be allllll about opening up your spiritual gifts and really connecting you with the universe. In this session I will work on your crown area, head space and third eye. My hope is to awaken your senses to help the universe understand you are ready to see and understand more. I am going to nurture your crown, head and third eye with loving light and open a portal to connect you directly to the divine. I will release past lives connected to spiritual blocks.  In this session there is a strong chance you will see visions. Additionally, I am going to cleanse your energetic field and any other energy that might be holding you back. You will receive an abundance of loving light, spiritual light and most importantly healing light. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this Collective Healing! 


Energetic Field Collective Healing

Monday, April 1 at 8:00pm - 8:30pm


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Do you know how important your energetic field is? It’s superrrrrr important, so important that I decided to dedicate a group session once a month to clean your energetic field! Your energetic field is your steering wheel in life and it gets clogged up with other peoples thoughts, emotions and words. You naturally exchange energy with other individuals every single day just by having conversations. When your energetic field is clogged up you can feel very confused, not like yourself, or unmotivated. Through time and experience healing other individuals and myself, I have learned we all need to pay close attention to our energetic field as much as we can and nurture it as often as possible. During this Healing I will cleanse your energetic field and add new and up lifting, vibrant and angelic light alllll around your gorgeous entergetic field! If you're looking to feel clean and back to yourself, you won’t want to miss this monthly session! This session will help you stay true to yourself and honor your passions on Earth. Simply by dedicating one night out of your busy month will really help you stay on track, walk this Earth with Confidence and really grow into yourself organically. It’s time to pay attention to your thoughts and your wants... say goodbye to the rest!