Energetic Field Collective Healing

Tuesday, July 2nd during the Cancer new moon


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

I love cleansing the energetic field... especially as a collective! The collective energy really guides us to open up, release, and let go of energy that doesn’t serve us.

My collective healings are pretty unique! You don’t know who else is joining, you just join to get the discounted rate. The point of this session is to allow you to receive healing at a low cost, that’s simply it.

During the session I connect with everyones energy individually and cleanse off everyone’s energetic field. Once I am done cleansing the energy I add a new high vibrational light to higher your frequency! This will allow for higher vibrations to flow into your life. I also pull cards for the month of July to give you an overall message! 

I LOVE cleansing the energetic field because I know how much it truly changes your life once it is clean, fresh and vibrant. My overall goal is to help you step in your power, step into your light and shed energy that needs to let go of you.

I offer this on a monthly basis to help you stay clear! Please feel free to join random sessions or every single session!