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When I do readings I do not provide ”yes” and “no” answers. I take my time with each question and explain what I see within each card. Additionally, I read your overall energy and entergic field at the time of your reading. I explain what I sense, hear, feel and see during your reading. Often times spirit guides come forward in your reading and I explain who Is with me in the room. Every word I say is meaningful and helpful. During your reading you will also recieve a natural cleanse that helps push you in the correct direction, you will see a shift happen in your life. This is not a normal card reading. If you are coming to me for help I am going to go above and beyond your expectations. I take all of my work seriously and I will be ready to help answer your questions! My readings are not fluff, but they are filled with love. My readings are very blunt so please be prepared and open for the things I will say. As I connect easily with your energy and entergic field I will be able to pinpoint certain things.