Completed and recorded at a distance

Intuitive Card Reading 3 questions or categories

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This reading is recorded and sent to you via email! You may ask 3 questions or focus on or 3 categories of interest. My readings are extremely detailed and very helpful! My guides and your guides connect together to give you helpful information to work with, insight and even spiritual homework to help you move forward. If you’re looking for direction or help this is the perfect thing for you to purchase!  

As a bonus I will always read your present energy to see what is coming up and any other areas your team would like you to focus on. I use the cards I make for my daily energy readings on my Instagram and tune into the overall energy to get a good understanding of what is going on pertaining to the questions you’re asking. 

 The recording is about 40 - 45 minutes long and its full of information for you specifically.

Lastly, for each question you ask about or category I make a one of a kind card for you to hold onto (3 questions is 3 cards or possibly more depending on what comes up).There cards are painted with love and intention and helps you stay focused on the positive informarion I gave you. You can hold these cards, specifically made for you, near and dear to your heart until you have officially overcame the question you asked. The cards I make you are one of a kind pieces of artwork for you, simply a treasure to hold onto for reassurance that you’re moving in the right direction. The meanings of the color are for you specifically, nobody else in the universe will completely understand what they mean besides you. You have your own path and your own journey to follow and these little cards have a solid reminder that your life is beautiful just the way it is. After your reading is conducted I paint your cards for you and ship them out within 2-4 business days.

Pleaae note: My readings do not give simple yes and no answers. I read the energy surrounding each topic and give you the information and guidance I receive.