intuitive Card Reading

3 Questions Recorded 45-60 minutes


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Intuitive card reading

2 Questions Recorded 30-45 minutes


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

My readings are super detailed and filled with love, information, ideas, spiritual homework and much more! During your session I pull out a ton of cards to use as a "crutch". However, I honestly don't need cards to read peoples questions, I just use them for a visual. I have an open third eye, I sense how you feel, I hear information in my left ear, II channel information, I see guides pop in to say hi,  and I sense all of the energy! 

With that, all of my portals to communicate with spirit are open! If you are looking for the truth, if you are looking for guidance, if you are looking for an answer, or if you just need some help.... book your session! Please feel free to be open and honest with your questions as I do not judge, I just want to help you. I am here to listen to support you. Life can be really tough and sometimes we just need someone to read the energy around the circumstances... ands that's me! I can do this for you!

I absolutely love my readings because I truly know I get the correct information from spirit and I help all of my customers. 

I do not give you "quick" answers. I take about 15-20 minutes on each question and talk until spirit tells me to move on. 


Reviews/Feedback from clients

"WOW. Just WOW. This helped me SO MUCH. I CANNOT thank you enough!"

"Legit. Lost for words Casey. Lost for words."


"I was so scared to hear the truth, but you delivered the answer with love."

"I have been saving up for a few months to get your reading! My friends rave about you!"

"I am so happy one of my guides came forward! It makes so much sense!"