Aura Reader + Astrology Expert + Distant Healer + Open Channel


based in San Diego, ca


I am a natural intuitive healer, aura reader, energy expert and open channel. I have very strong spiritual insight and my hope is to simply help others with the wisdom I recieve. My biggest joy in this life is helping others. I am super creative and I love to use my imagination and colors! I offer many different services to help my clients! I post a lot of helpful information on my Instagram @_thespiritualjourney_

fun facts


Believe it or not, all of my spiritual knowledge is self taught! I am able to visually see energy, channel information, and receive answers on the regular. 

For the Astrology lovers I am triple water: Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, and Scorpio Rising. 

I am really passionate about Astrology, Auras, Energy, Energetic Field, and Positive Affirmations.

Strongest gifts


My gifts are seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing! When I connect with your energy I am able to use different channels to receive different information. I am really passionate about conducting amazing work for my clients. I have clients from all around the world as I conduct everything at a distance. I enjoy doing my work at a distance in the comfort of my own home (I am a double Cancer and we are all about that home life).