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About The Spiritual Journey & Casey

About Casey

I’m a mother and a recruiter living in San Diego, CA and my spiritual work is my side business (for now)!!  I am naturally a highly intuitive individual and I see energy on very psychic level. Heck, sometimes it’s even hard for me to really grasp how psychic I am. I stopped running away from my spiritual gifts in 2016 and I started using them to help people find their path, listen to their path, or explain something on their path. I have many different gifts that I would absolutely love for you to be apart of! Whatever service speaks to you... listen! Let’s enjoy this journey together.

The Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey is love & energy based and every single customer is given my undivided attention. I go above and beyond with my services and I treat every single one of my customers like a friend, I only want the very best for you. I believe love will always bring us to the light and bring us to the solution... and that is why all of my services are driven by love. My business is also driven by energy.. aka your energetic field. I am  able to see everyone’s energetic field, aura and more by simply collecting your full name and birthday. 

Why choose me?

Choose me if you feel your “gut” or your “intuition” tells you to. There are so many spiritual leaders out in the world and everyone is eventually guided to their right person if you are open to it. If you’re reading this right now.. you’re reading this for a reason.

Try it out! ALWAYS try new things! Life was meant to be fun! Enjoy it while you’re here and let me help you along the way.


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The Spiritual Journey

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